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Home Remedies For Migraine Pain

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016

A headache is always an irritating one for all. But among all headaches, migraine is one which is quite intolerable. The pain is like a hammering in one side of the head, and most interestingly you will feel a vomiting tendency and nausea along with the pain. Altogether, the effect that you will face is going to be embarrassing. You must know that there is no perfect treatment of this illness. In fact, the treatment that you might be practicing is all to get rid of the pain. The reason for the pain is the extra leakage of the peptide. The extra leakage of peptide makes the nerves swell up, and the pressure is felt in the form of pain.

There are several reasons to feel this pain. One of the reasons is for exposure to excess light or heat. However, smoking and other factors increases the pressure on the head and the nerves in the temples gets swelled up. Medicine is effective to reduce the pain, but there are some natural practices, which can reduce the pressure. Some of the practices that will be helpful are as follows:

Apple Vinegar Acts As A Medicine

Vinegar made of apple cider is very much effective for migraine pains. Use honey with one Tablespoon of Apple vinegar and let the solution settle for 15 minutes. Store this solution in your fridge and apply the same when you are feeling the pain of a migraine. You can also have this drink on a regular basis. This will you keep safe from the migraine pain.


Apply Ice Pack

Ice Pack is one of the best solutions that can be used to reduce migraine pain. Migraine swells up the nerves, and the pressure is felt widely. The pressure is going to increase with the moves since it will face friction and the temperature will rise. An ice bag with five or six ice will be ideal to minimize the pain. Apply them to the temples and also on the neck. Just repeat it for 4 to 5 times and get the result you are looking for. Keep the ice bag 15 minutes over a place and then remove it to the back side.

Use Peppermint Ointment

Peppermint is the best choice to get relief from migraine pain. The cooling effect of the mint cools down the nerves, and the secretion of the peptide is also reduced. Peppermint reduces the level of blood pressure on the nerves. It is recommended that you have the mint leaves every day and prepare an ointment with olive oil and peppermint. Apply that to the temples when you feel the pain due to a migraine. You can also have tea regularly with peppermint. This will act perfectly on you.

Ginger With Your Tea

If you find the pressure on your head due to a migraine regularly, which lasts for 72 hours, ginger is the best medication for that. It was researched in 2013, and the result revealed that ginger is capable of giving you relief from any sort of migraine pain instantly. So have ginger with your tea and you will find that you are not affected by the intolerable pain.